Huddle up teachers!

What an odd time to write a welcome letter! This is a time when we should be doing clean up around the gym, making sure we are set to say goodbye for the summer. Yet instead we are feeling distant with distance learning. So I guess, in a way, this letter comes at a perfect time after all.

So with that said, welcome to the PE community. I could not be more excited to have a space for PE teachers to share with one another. In the forum you can post anything you may have common issues with, or better yet, a solution!

This is a space to help and recognize one another. Never hesitate to email in with a PE teacher you want to recognize for something outstanding!

I will also be constantly updating the lesson plans with resources to use throughout the year. In addition, I'll be offering customized lesson plans to help you out. (Because I'm one of the few teachers who actually enjoys that part.)

Now please, take of your sneakers, kick back, relax, look around, and have some fun.

Aaannndd BREAK

-The PE Coach

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