Wednesday Whistle- What We've Learned While Distance Learning

When many of us left for Spring Break we turned off the lights in our office and thought "I'm so ready for this week off." What nobody thought was "I'll be back here next school year." Nobody was ready for this. Nobody knew what "this" would even entail. It's been a whirlwind of information and emotions.

And what a blessing it's been.

Sure, we have migraines from being on our computers more and have so much to learn ourselves just to teach our students but it has been incredible. Many of us have had the opportunity to use platforms we never have before, finally figure out these apps the kids love, and have made ourselves seem more human and relatable while rocking out to the Blinding Lights challenge on TikTok.

So we all know this time is hard but let's take a moment to be grateful for all that we've gotten to learn. And of course realizing how grateful we are for our students and being present with them in the classroom. Even when that means waking up early and sitting in traffic.

Later this week, we will be thanking our subscribers by sending a free Creative Movement assignment that you can use with your students, even while teaching online.

For now, comment in our forums and tell us what's been working for you!

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