Wednesday Whistle- National Field Day

Huddle up teachers! It's been one heck of an opening week. We know you have been hard at work with your distance teaching. Especially those of you who have been working on Virtual Field Days! Speaking of, let's talk about Field Day for a minute...

We go through months of planning for a morning of activities and an afternoon of clean up. And it could not be more worth it! Field Day might be one of the most important and memorable days of the year for your students.

Think about how it impacts each and every student. Some students come to PE excited and ready to show off. Others come in anxious and try to hide in the back of the line. But on Field Day everyone is excited and ready to play. It's a day of teamwork, participation and maybe hot dogs. It's a day when the kid who can't shoot a basketball into the hoop can be cheered on while they toss a ring around a soda bottle.

Field Day is the day everyone deserves. The students deserve the chance to have some fun, parents deserve a day to see their kids succeed, teachers deserve a break from the classroom, and WE deserve a day for people to be amazed by all we do.

So this year, we have a challenge of how we bring our communities together to feel as though they are still having that once a year experience? What are some things that you do to foster your community? Leave your comments below!

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