Gamify PE- What We Can Learn From Video Games

What the heck does that mean?! Gamify PE?

It almost seems redundant. Of course Physical Education is already "gamified" in nature. But gamification of a classroom goes beyond just simply playing a game. To say you are using gamification in your classroom means you are, in way, adding kids' new favorite past games.

Don't worry, we aren't suggesting you let your kids play Call of Duty during class. But what you can do is take a note from these games. Think about walking into a room where an 18 year old is on X-Box live with some friends. You will hear desperate shouting and screaming with the most intense and clear descriptions on how to come find them because they just have to reach the next level. It's annoying and kind of funny, sure. But think about how effect that enthusiasm, communication, and teamwork would be in your classroom. There has to be a way to make that happen, right?

That's where gamification comes in. If you can create your classroom, or even a lesson to be about collaboration and play then you are set.

Step One: Create a Goal

What fun is a game with no goal? So.... what's your class' goal? Before you begin the actual game or challenge it is important to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what to achieve.

Step Two: Level Up

One of the biggest aspects of video games is the idea of getting to the next level. If you create "levels" for students it helps keep them motivated. By giving them small milestones you are adding to their feelings of success as well as keeping their motivation high.

Step Three: Have Some Fun With Graphics

Get creative! Use some posters and fun fonts to really get your class into the game mentality. It helps add to the spirit of them

Step Four: Debrief

Just like any activity, talk to your students after. Touch base with them about what works, doesn't work, how the communicate with one another, and how they feel. After all, that is the meat of it!

Below is an example of gamification for a long jump lesson. Over time, see how many feet total your class is able to jump, or how many feet an individual can accumulate on a long jump.

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